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The first state geologist describes the state of lead mining in 1853

Geological Report (1853)

The first comprehensive survey of Wisconsin geology only began when the state appropriated funds for it in 1853. Edward Daniels, a Waukesha educator, was appointed first state geologist and this is his first report. Although Daniels was competent and his report was filled with reliable information, he was removed from office the next year when the administration changed and the new governor wished to hand the job to a supporter.

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Related Topics: Mining, Logging, and Agriculture
Lead Mining in Southwestern Wisconsin
Creator: Daniels, Edward
Pub Data: Wisconsin. Governor. Governor's Message and Accompanying Documents, Document H (Madison, 1854)
Citation: Daniels, Edward. "Geological Report." In: Governor's Message and Accompanying Documents, Document H (Madison, 1854); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/24/2014
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