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A German American editor provides reasons to oppose the Bennett Law

The Bennett Law and the German Protestant Parochial Schools of Wisconsin

Christian Koerner was the legal editor of Milwaukee's leading German language newspaper, Germania. The German American community in Wisconsin largely opposed the Bennett Law and Germania served as a leading voice in the movement it. Accused of ignorance and malice toward Yankees by some supporters of the Bennett Law, German Americans like Koerner responded by providing solid reasons for their opposition to it. Here, Koerner discusses each part of the law, providing statistical and legal evidence for his objections. Germania published Koerner's pamphlet in both English and German, and the company asked all opponents of the law to aid in its distribution.

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Americanization and the Bennett Law
Creator: Koerner, Christian
Pub Data: Milwaukee: Germania Publishing Co., 1890.
Citation: Koerner, Christian. The Bennett Law and the German Protestant Parochial Schools of Wisconsin. (Milwaukee: Germania Publishing Co., 1890). Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/24/2014
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