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The great Green Bay to Madison automobile race of 1878.

Race of first steam buggies to Madison for prize is recounted

After Rev. J. W. Carhart invented a horseless carriage in 1873, the state legislature offered a prize of $10,000 to anyone who could run such a machine on regular roads from Green Bay to Madison. Two groups of inventors took up this challenge and the race was run in 1878 between two automobiles named the "Oshkosh" and the "Green Bay" after their places of invention. This newspaper story looks back on the race and the inventors, and includes long excerpts from letters of the particpants.

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Related Topics: Industrialization and Urbanization
Automobile Culture
Creator: anonymous
Pub Data: Capital Times (Madison, Wis.), May, 26, 1921
Citation: "Race of first steam buggies to Madison for prize is recounted." Capital Times (Madison, Wis.), May, 26, 1921. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/25/2014
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