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Wisconsin Historical Images

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Search Tips: For best results, type in a single word or two-word phrase. Quotes are unnecessary for a phrase search. More Search Tips »

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Buy Archival Pigment Prints & Digital Files Nearly all of the images in our online collections are available for purchase as archival pigment prints or digital files and many may be licensed for commercial use. For more information, see our FAQ.

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There are over 75,000 images available in our online collections. We've provided a variety of subject categories to help guide your search. Browse Subject Categories »

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Search Tips

Start with Broad Terms
Broad, general terms usually result in a greater number of search results. If an initial result from a Basic Search is too large, it can always be narrowed by using additional terms and/or qualifiers in the Advanced Search.

How can I limit my results?
Use the Advanced Search to reduce the number of hits from a previous search. Advanced Search enables you to limit the images you search by subject, date and genre, such as paintings, maps or cartoons.

How can I expand my search results?
If a search is unsuccessful or only results in a few hits, try variations of your search terms and names. For example, if you are looking for images of cheese making, first try cheese; then try dairy in a separate search.

Truncate Terms
Shortening your search terms will generally increase the number of search results. For example:

  • searching for dair will locate images described with any of the words dairy, dairies and dairyland
  • using state st will retrieve both State St. and State Street
  • using follette will find both La Follette (with a space) and LaFollette (without a space); similarly, using crosse will locate both La Crosse and LaCrosse
  • using just croix will locate both St Croix and Saint Croix
  • using wom will find woman and women and women’s (and even womyn)
  • using wood will also find woods and wooden and woodworking, but also proper names such as Greenwood and Woodhull. In such cases, you may want to just do two searches, one for wood and another for woods.


  • Do not use quotes or Boolean search equations.
  • All searches are not case sensitive.

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