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Photo Copy Service - Madison

Angus McVicar and other Photo Copy Service photographers captured the soul of Madison with their cameras from the 1920s through the 1960s. Images in the collection include businesses, social groups and people engaged in daily work.

More about the collection

Below are links to several popular searches within this collection. To view all Photo Copy Service photographs currently online, return to the search page and use the Advanced Search, select collection title and type in "photo copy service".

Exterior view at night of Hill's Department Store window displaying ladies' fashion tailored long sleeve shirts. WHI #4969.
The Ingenues, an all-girls band, serenading cows at University of Wisconsin Dairy Barn. WHI #2115
RKO motion picture actress Raquel Torres christening the new model airplane manufactured in Madison by Orland Corben. WHI # 10861.
Standing on the Alpha Chi Omega sorority pier, Willard Grasser and Robert Estes show what is and is not permitted with regard to men's bathing suits. WHI #6413.
A women dictates to another student practicing for ABC shorthand at the Dickinson Secretarial School, 105 Monona Avenue. WHI #19559.
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