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Wisconsin at Play

WHI 7859

Although Wisconsin is known as "The Dairy State," it could just as well be called "The Fun & Games" state, because of the variety of recreational opportunities available, both in cities and rural areas. The popularity of sports, special events and recreational places through time is shown in hundreds of photographs in the collections of the Archives of the Wisconsin State Historical Society. From auto racing to zoos, from euchre to logrolling, we have many marvelous images that serve as examples of how people have relaxed, enjoyed athletic activities and socialized in the past.

This gallery is part of the Archives Week 2006 (October 15-22) theme of "Wisconsin at Play," which highlights the recreational activities, leisure pursuits, sports, hobbies, and games that Badger State residents (and visitors from other states and countries) have engaged in over the years. Also in conjunction with this theme are a cased exhibit showing "Wisconsin at Play" (in the lobby of the Historical Society Headquarters Building, October 15, 2006 through January 15, 2007), and the Wisconsin Historical Museum's Toy Stories exhibit (October 17, 2006 through May 26, 2007).

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