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The Winther Motor Company, Kenosha

The interior of the Truck Assembly Room at the Winther Motors factory in Kenosha. WHI# 32854
WHI 32854

These 1921 photographs of the Winther Motor Company's plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin, give unusual insight into manufacturing at the time. From 1916 to 1927, the company manufactured trucks and automobiles, most of them four-wheel drive vehicles. Sixteen detailed interior shots show men working in the blacksmith shop, parts storerooms, and assembly rooms, using belt-driven machines to construct vehicles and their internal parts. Nineteen images show finished products, including snow plows, mechanical posthole diggers, rail cars, and street cars. Eight photos of the business offices show president Martin P. Winther, engineers, clerks, and secretaries. Three exterior images give an idea of the size of the plant, one of which is an excellent group photo of over 100 employees (unidentified, unfortunately).

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About the Winther Motor Company & Martin P. Winther

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