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Publicity Still from "The Flying Nun"

Publicity Still from
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Title: Publicity Still from "The Flying Nun"
Description: A publicity still from the ABC television situation comedy, "The Flying Nun", which starred Sally Field (center), as Sister Bertrille. With her are actors Marge Redmond, left, and Shelley Morrison. "The Flying Nun" television series was based on the book, "The Fifteenth Pelican" by Wisconsin writer Tere Rios Versace. Confusingly, Versace also researched a book on Sister Mary Aquinas, the real flying nun from Manitowoc, although it was never published.

Image ID: 11051
August 17, 1967 ca.
ABC Press Information
General Stills Name File
Genre: Photograph
10/31/10 in an email from Laura Ross: My Father, Bernard H. Geyer, age 91, is her [Sister Mary Aquinas'] nephew. This image is not available for online sale. Contact the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research for further information.
Subjects: Television broadcasting
Outdoor photography

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Please Credit: Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research

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