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Albert Hansen, as a Hobo

Albert Hansen, as a Hobo
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Title: Albert Hansen, as a Hobo
Description: Albert Hansen, member of the Menomonie High School class of 1905, depicting himself as a hobo, with a pipe and a handkerchief. Part of a yearbook he created, based on a class prophecy theme.

Image ID: 54896
Hansen, Albert
City, State: Menomonie, Wisconsin
Hansen, Albert, 1886-1979 : Papers, 1899-1980
Genre: Photograph
Page 42 of 70. Prophecy on page 41 reads, "She takes little heed of the poor individual treading along the dusty highway as she rides by in her fine carriage and does not recognize him as Albert Hansen her old friend. He travels about with a forsaken and hungry look to the next town knowing little of his destination or where he will procure his next meal. This deplorable state of affairs came about in consequence of betting at horse races, losing each time until all he had left was a pipe, a ball of string and a knife tied up in an old red handkerchief." Albert Hansen's life evolved along much more respectable lines than the prophecy had foreseen. He remained in Menomonie for a while, studying and later teaching at Stout Institute, and operated a photographic studio on Main St. with Fred Haft. He moved east in 1915, first to New York, and later Columbus, Ohio, where he settled with his wife and where their daughter Ann was raised. Here, he employed his expertise in photographic chemistry for the Haloid Corporation, manufacturers of photographic paper, who later became Xerox. He continued taking and printing photographs of his family and his travels across the United States. Only after retirement did he find the time to travel to Europe. Between the ages of 82 and 92, he flew over the Atlantic six times. Maybe it was a certain restlessness that Ana Heller had seen in him when she projected him as a hobo? Albert Hansen's daughter Ann N. Hansen provided information about his life in personal communication with WHS staff.
Subjects: Students
Portrait photography
Homeless Persons

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