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Saul Sorrin Dining at his Former Home in Munich

Saul Sorrin Dining at his Former Home in Munich
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Title: Saul Sorrin Dining at his Former Home in Munich
Description: Self-portrait of Saul Sorrin, area director of the International Refugee Organization, dining at his former house in Munich. Saul Sorrin was interviewed as part of the Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust Interviews project. Sorrin, born in New York in 1919, applied in 1940 for a position with the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA). He worked with Holocaust survivors as a supply officer for UNRAA team 560 at the Displaced Persons camp Neu Freimann Siedlung in Germany and later, at General Dwight D. Eisenhower's recommendation, Sorrin became the Area Director of the International Refugee Organization based at the Wolfratshausen DP camp in Bad Kissingen. When asked about this image, Sorrin revealed, "Since I'd become a first-rate trencherman, I decided to pose this picture at the head of the table in our staff mess in my house. This is on the Klementinenstrasse by the Englischgarten in Munich. This is a house which had been taken from a high-ranking Nazi by the name of Von Schrerien. He has been the finance minister of Bavaria. We had about a dozen people or eight people who came to our mess every day, whenever it was possible. It was probably a dinner hour. I see we got the plates out here. We had a staff including a Jewish cook, the cousin of a friend of mine, a survivor from Vilna and she made us all kosher-style foods. There was kosher food available for the Jewish survivors who were kosher. And she made chicken and fish and whatever and cholnt and all those good dishes. I think from the time she came, really, I'm serious, in about six months I must have picked up about twenty pounds. In this picture I'm still fairly slender. I look very much like my son, Leonard, on this picture. You haven't ever seen my son. Just unbelievable. He's now twenty-six, exactly my age then, about twenty six." Interview by Jean Loeb Lettofsky and David Mandel, March 3, 1980.

Image ID: 57625
1947 ca.
Saul Sorrin
Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust Interviews, 1974-1975, 1980-1981
Genre: Photograph
Subjects: Food
Dining rooms
Indoor photography
Clothing and dress

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