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Gravestone of Beloved Mascot

Gravestone of Beloved Mascot
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Title: Gravestone of Beloved Mascot
Description: Private Bill Gantenbein of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, inspects the marker for Vicksburg, their beloved mongrel mascot. Pvt. Gantenbein passed his helmet on payday and collected enough money to buy the marker. The dog was accidentally killed by a falling tree, and buried in a military service "somewhere in Australia." Sergeant Leo Outcelt of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, had found the pup outside a restaurant at Vicksburg, Mississippi, and named him after the city. When he was deployed overseas, he took Vicksburg with him. On cold nights the dog wore a jacket with sergeant's chevrons and his regimental insignia.

Image ID: 99474
July 13, 1943 
Doyle, Robert
Doyle, Robert. Papers : 1935-1974, 1995
Genre: Photograph
This image was published in the Milwaukee Journal on August, 4th, 1943. The image and article appear on page 86 of the clipping book, Anybody Here From Wisconsin?, a reprint of the scrapbook kept by Robert Doyle's mother. Robert Doyle was a civilian war correspondent for the Milwaukee Journal during World War II, covering the experiences of Wisconsin troops in the 32nd "Red Arrow" Division, an infantry division of the United States Army National Guard. The "Red Arrow" Division consisted mainly of soldiers from Wisconsin and Michigan.
Subjects: Trees
Armed Forces
Military uniforms
World War, 1939-1945
Outdoor photography

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Please Credit: Wisconsin Historical Society

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