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Wisconsin Historical Images

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Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt, 1928
Douglass China Shop
Douglass China Shop, 1929
Klein Dickert Warehouse
Klein Dickert Warehouse, 1935
Men with Shop Mule
Men with Shop Mule, 1937
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., 1937
Dwelle  Kaiser Company Truck
Dwelle Kaiser Company Truck, 1938
Salmon's Airplane
Salmon's Airplane, 1947
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Office
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Office, 1951
Catherine Corscot Antique Sale
Catherine Corscot Antique Sale, 1952
Sue Carolyn Renk
Sue Carolyn Renk, 1958
Depot and Train
Depot and Train
Old Abe Covered Glass Bowl
Old Abe Covered Glass Bowl
Old Abe Glass Compote
Old Abe Glass Compote
Page 1 of 1 (13 Records)
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