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Wisconsin Historical Images

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Office Interior
Office Interior, 1931
Classroom Train Model
Classroom Train Model, 1939
Playing in the Classroom
Playing in the Classroom, 1939
Train Ride at Madison Labor Festival
Train Ride at Madison Labor Festival, 1948
Circus Train Minirama
Circus Train Minirama, 1960
Dells Minirama
Dells Minirama, 1960
Freight Train Minirama
Freight Train Minirama, 1960
Locomotive and Steamboats at Minirama
Locomotive and Steamboats at Minirama, 1960
Minirama Train
Minirama Train, 1960
Minirama of Locomotive
Minirama of Locomotive, 1960
Minirama, Wisconsin Dells
Minirama, Wisconsin Dells
Page 1 of 1 (11 Records)
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