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Wisconsin Historical Images

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Deering Catalog Illustration
Deering Catalog Illustration, 1888
Tall-tale Postcard: Fishing with Turtle
Tall-tale Postcard: Fishing with Turtle, 1919
Two-Headed Turtle
Two-Headed Turtle, 1931
Children and Their Pets
Children and Their Pets, 1949
Girl Scouts Play Day
Girl Scouts Play Day, 1954
Steering The Tractor, Safety Cartoon
Steering The Tractor, Safety Cartoon, 1958
Communing with the Turtle
Communing with the Turtle, 1967
Red Caboose Day Care Mural
Red Caboose Day Care Mural, 1977
Turtle Game
Turtle Game, 1994
Three Men Fishing
Three Men Fishing
Page 1 of 1 (10 Records)
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