The History of Wisconsin Volume I: From Exploration to Statehood

By Alice E. Smith

Hardcover: $40.00

ISBN: 978-0-87020-122-6

768 pages, 43 b/w photos and illus., 21 maps, 6 x 9"


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Published in 1973, this volume remains today the definitive work on Wisconsin's beginnings, from the arrival of the French explorer Jean Nicolet in 1634, to the attainment of statehood in 1848. This volume explores how Wisconsin's Native American inhabitants, early trappers, traders, explorers, and many immigrant groups paved the way for the territory to become a more permanent society. Including nearly two dozen maps as well as illustrations of territorial Wisconsin and portraits of early residents, this volume provides an in-depth history of the beginnings of the state.

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The History of Wisconsin: Volume I: From Exploration to Statehood

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface
Author's Preface
List of Maps
Note on Citations

1. Exploration
2. The French Regime
3. British Domination, 1763-1815
4. Fur Trade Frontier
5. Indian Affairs
6. America Discovers Wisconsin
7. Civil Government, 1787-1835
8. Establishing the Territory
9. Money and Banking
10. Jacksonian Politics, 1838-1841
11. The Struggle for Power, 1841-1846
12. Building a Government
13. The Public Domain and Internal Improvements
14. The First 305,000
15. Making a Living
16. Cultural Beginnings
17. Religion and Social Reform
18. The Attainment of Statehood

Essay on Sources