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Table of Contents

The History of Wisconsin: Volume I: From Exploration to Statehood

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface
Author's Preface
List of Maps
Note on Citations

1. Exploration
2. The French Regime
3. British Domination, 1763-1815
4. Fur Trade Frontier
5. Indian Affairs
6. America Discovers Wisconsin
7. Civil Government, 1787-1835
8. Establishing the Territory
9. Money and Banking
10. Jacksonian Politics, 1838-1841
11. The Struggle for Power, 1841-1846
12. Building a Government
13. The Public Domain and Internal Improvements
14. The First 305,000
15. Making a Living
16. Cultural Beginnings
17. Religion and Social Reform
18. The Attainment of Statehood

Essay on Sources

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