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Table of Contents

The History of Wisconsin Volume V: War, a New Era, and Depression, 1914-1940

Table of Contents

List of Maps
Note on Citations

Part I: The Great War and Its Aftermath
1. Wisconsin, Neutrality, and Belligerency
2. An Uneasy Peace Comes to Wisconsin
3. Dreams, Illusions, and Disappointments of the Postwar Decline

Part II: The New Era
4. Complexities of Industrial Expansion
5. Agriculture, Scientific Research, and the Dissemination of Knowledge
6. City and Hinterland: Tensions of the New Era
7. Leisure, Education, and Politics
8. The Progressive Tradition and Political Behavior in Wisconsin

Part III: The Great Depression

9. The Challenge of Economic Depression
10. Cries of Protest, Murmurs of Discontent, and Formation of the Progressive Party of Wisconsin
11. Wisconsin and the New Deal
12. Controversies Along the Middle Way
13. Man CAN Have Work AND Be Free

Epilogue: The Land Remembers
Appendix A: The Governors of Wisconsin, 1914-1940
Appendix B: Analysis of the La Follette Elections
Essay on Sources

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