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Table of Contents

Foreword by Thomas Vennum, Jr.



  • "As it was in the beginning" Gloria Patri...B.C.? to A.D. 1615
  • "Seek, and ye shall find" Matthew 7:7...1616 to 1677
  • "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you" Matthew 7:7...1678 to1762
  • "So I saw the wicked buried" Ecclesiastes 8:10...1763 to 1816
  • "I go a fishing" John 21:3...1817 to 1842
  • "The forger of brass and iron" Genesis 4:22...1843 to 1877
  • "Behold the fire and the wood" Genesis 22:7...1878-1888
  • "There go the ships" Psalms 104:26...1889 to 1900
  • "Old things are passed away" II Corinthians 5:17...1901 to 1957

Glossary of Ojibway Names

Bibliographical Note




  • La Pointe-Chequamegon Territory and Lake Superior
  • La Pointe and the Apostle Islands
  • Silver Islet and Environs
  • The Keweenaw Peninsula
  • Lake Nemadji State of Lake Superior
  • Lake Duluth Stage of Lake Superior
  • Lake Algonquin Stage of Lake Superior
  • Nipissing Great Lakes Stage
  • Chequamegon Bay. Probable Contours of 1620
  • Great Lakes and Route from Montreal to Lake Huron
  • Chequamegon Bay, 1659-1671
  • Southern River Systems of Chequamegon Region
  • Main Portage Routes from La Pointe to Mississippi River
  • Probable Trail of Early Sioux Indians
  • Brule River and Portage to St. Croix River
  • Brule-St. Croix Portage
  • Key Map to Madeline Island
  • First Location of La Pointe on Madeline
  • First Location of La Pointe (Large Scale)
  • French Fort of 1718
  • Shoals Which Might Have Been Islands
  • Approximate Location of North West Company
  • Location of American Fur Company
  • La Pointe in the 1830s
  • American Fur Company Location in La Pointe
  • La Pointe and Environs
  • Missions of the 1830s
  • Old Trails and Roads, Bayfield Peninsula
  • Old Trails and Roads, Near Ashland
  • Anachronistic Map of Bayfield
  • Quarries in the Chequamegon Region


  • Plan and Elevation of Protestant Mission
  • Water Trolley


  • A selection of photographs depicting scenes from the history of La Pointe follows page 122.
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