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"You may rest assured that I shall do nothing but what is right and honorable — and for the best of all people, as I see it. Therefore, even, if I should have to go to prison for my principles — you must not consider that a disgrace." —Victor Berger, 1917

"I told them that I was opposed to this war. They said 'yes but now we are in it, now we can't help ourselves.' Whereupon I replied, 'Oh yes you can. If you gave voice to the things that are in your heart & in every body's heart, popular opinion would soon turn the tide. The trouble is, all are afraid that they will be considered unpatriotic.'" —Meta Berger, 1917

"Well, sometimes, I begin to think as you do, i.e. that I am a fool who to a certain extent has thrown his life away on a "mirage." ...I am not as cock-sure as I used to be about my own belief in Socialism. Capitalism is bad and is daily becoming more impossible — but ... Communism would mean a new form of slavery." —Victor Berger, 1919

"Our main fight out to be to fight poverty — the utter poverty of 4/5 of the nation. Poverty, the mother of ignorance, crime, disease, — of dirt and of misery. We ought to have an old age pension bill — do something to help the housing situation — about child labor which is increasing on an enormous scale — amend the Volstead act — and prepare for the next industrial crisis etc." —Victor Berger, 1924

"Like wine, age improves my love for you. Doris & I talked of my love for you today — I agreed heartily that if I had a chance I'd marry you all over again." —Meta Berger, 1928

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