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Native People of Wisconsin Teacher's Guide

By Bobbie Malone and Kori Oberle

Paperback: $59.95
ISBN: 978-0-87020-349-7
224 pages, illus., maps, 8.5x11"

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This teacher's guide helps students grasp fully the rich content of "Native People of Wisconsin." The guide offers more structured activities that reengage students in the text itself in a manner that diverges from teacher's guides to our earlier publications. Activities for each chapter focus on interdisciplinary standards-related reading strategies, journaling, and other multidimensional skills that both reinforce and complement the content of the text. Included with the teacher's guide is an accompanying CD-ROM, produced specifically for "Native People of Wisconsin" of segments from several of the video series on Wisconsin Studies produced by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board. Such interactive learning integrates reasoning and reading skills (and state standards) beyond the social studies and promise to make "Native People of Wisconsin" an essential part of the classroom curriculum.

Also available: "Native People of Wisconsin" Student Reader

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