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Praise for "Women's Wisconsin"

"'Women's Wisconsin' is a wonderfully engaging narrative with a comprehensive overview of specific times and historic events enhanced and authenticated by the use of women's journals, letters, and other primary source documents. Wisconsin, as a territory and then a state, is an incredible stage for the challenges and actions of women's lives. Telling the amazing history of the women of Wisconsin as it intersects with American history creates a much better understanding of the vital importance of the female experience. The rich collection of historic pieces woven together by the author's presentations of the historic context greatly adds to the developing story and chronology. There is so much we can learn from the courage, tenacity, and intelligence of Wisconsin women. this is an excellent read for citizens of every state." —Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director and Cofounder, National Women's History Project

"Women's history in Wisconsin has all the right stuff — Native American chiefs, pioneers toting their babies, cookware, and even a piano, educators, suffragists, working class strikers — and a sprinking of prostitutes to challenge the moral reformers. 'Women's Wisconsin' deftly captures the varied experiences of Wisconsin's women from the 1700s to the present through a mix of articles and exceprts from their letters and diaries reprinted from 'Wisconsin Magazine of History' and culminating in an original essay by Genevieve McBride on the least studied last half-century. This is the book Wisconsin history teachers have been waiting for. Here in one volume is the story of the role of women in the development of the state, intertwined with the history of social forces at work influencing their opportunities and choices. I can think of no one better equipped than scholar and journalist McBride to select, introduce, contextualize, assess, and weave the parts into an historical whole that will appeal alike to students, historians, and lovers of history." —Phyllis Holman Weisbard, University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian

"No serious student of Wisconsin history — male or female — can afford to ignore Genevieve McBride's carefully compiled anthology of writings by and about Wisconsin women. Utilizing numerous articles from the 'Wisconsin Magazine of History,' along with letters, reminiscences, and oral histories, she provides ample evidence to prove that, far from being "outside history," Wisconsin women have always been vital, integral, and complementary actors in their state's growth and development. 'Women's Wisconsin' not only provides new answers to old questions, but also generates a sufficient number of new queries to broaden our concept of what constitutes history in the New Millennium." —John D. Buenker, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

"A wonderful compendium of the women of Wisconsin — famous, infamous, and simply interesting — that uses their lives as a window to the history of the state, the nation, and the world. McBride and the many contributors make clear the ways in which local history is connected to global events — colonization, immigration, epidemics, world wars — while never losing sight of the personalities that make investigating women's history so fascinating." —Merry Wiesner-Hanks, Professor of History and Director of Women's Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"Wisconsin history needs something like this." —Kim E. Nielsen, Associate Professor of Social Change and Women's Studies Historian, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

"'Women's Wisconsin: From Native Matriarchies To The New Millennium' is an anthology of essays by learned historians as well as primary sources such as letters, reminiscences, oral histories, articles and more previously published over numerous decades in the 'Wisconsin Magazine of History.' An impressive compendium of women's contributions to Wisconsin history, 'Women's Wisconsin'covers the lives of the first women in Wisconsin, the frontier era, statehood, women's organizations, women's involvement in the war effort during World War II and much more. Many sections feature extensive notes or citations. As enjoyable for lay readers as it is informative, 'Women's Wisconsin' is an excellent contribution to both library and private history shelves, and a valuable resource for state history teachers." —Midwest Book Review

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