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Finding Freedom: The Untold Story of Joshua Glover, Runaway Slave

By Ruby West Jackson & Walter T. McDonald

Hardcover: $18.95
ISBN: 978-0-87020-382-4
176 pages, 20 b/w photos and maps, 5.5 x 8.5"; E-book also available

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"Shall a man be dragged back to Slavery from our Free Soil, without an open trial of his right to Liberty?" -Handbill circulated in Milwaukee on March 11, 1854

In "Finding Freedom," Ruby West Jackson and Walter T. McDonald provide readers with the first narrative account of the life of Joshua Glover, the runaway slave who was famously broken out of jail by thousands of Wisconsin abolitionists in 1854. Employing original research, the authors chronicle Glover's days as a slave in St. Louis, his violent capture and thrilling escape in Milwaukee, his journey on the Underground Railroad, and his 33 years of freedom in rural Canada.

While Jackson and McDonald demonstrate how the catalytic "Glover incident" captured national attention - pitting the proud state of Wisconsin against the Supreme Court and adding fuel to the pre-Civil War fire - their primary focus is on the ordinary citizens, both black and white, with whom Joshua Glover interacted. A bittersweet story of bravery and compassion, "Finding Freedom" provides the first full picture of the man for whom so many fought, and around whom so much history was made.

NEW AUDIO BOOK: the audio edition of "Finding Freedom" as read by Jim Fleming on Wisconsin Public Radio's program Chapter A Day is now available!

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