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Apple Betty & Sloppy Joe: Stirring Up the Past with Family Recipes and Stories

By Susan Sanvidge, Diane Sanvidge Seckar, Jean Sanvidge Wouters, & Julie Sanvidge Florence

Paperback: $18.95
ISBN: 978-0-87020-386-2
392 pages, 46 b/w photos and illus., 7 x 8"

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A Midwest Connections Pick for February 2008 by the Midwest Booksellers Association

Compiled by four sisters and based on their recollections of their childhood in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, "Apple Betty & Sloppy Joe" captures the glow of memories formed while growing up in a midwestern kitchen. From Lemon Meringue Pie to Tomato Soup Cake, from Mom's Chicken Pie to Grandma Noffke's Sliced Cucumber Pickles, this charming book features hundreds of recipes (some classic, some quirky), plus dozens of food and cooking-related anecdotes, memories, humorous asides, and period photos that transport readers back to Mom's or Grandma's kitchen, circa 1950.

The Sanvidges share a legacy of beloved dishes and food memories that resonate not just for their family, but for readers everywhere who grew up in a small midwestern town - or wish they had. Nostalgic, funny, and warmhearted, "Apple Betty & Sloppy Joe" celebrates the ways food and food memories link us to our past, and to each other. A delightful gift for food lovers of any generation.

Fans of "Apple Betty & Sloppy Joe" will also enjoy the Sanvidge sisters' "Penny Loafers & Bobby Pins," a lively chronicle of growing up in the 1950s and 1960s in a small midwestern town.

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