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Praise for "Apple Betty & Sloppy Joe"

"I chuckled all the way through this delightful cookbook. I felt like I was spending a sunny afternoon visiting with the charming Sanvidge sisters as they tell their funny, warm, and wonderful stories about growing up in 1950s Wisconsin. Each recipe evokes family memories (which each sister remembers a little differently ... ) and conjures up a time and place that has become an American icon." —Judith Fertig, author of "Prairie Home Cooking"

"The cookbooks I love best are the ones that introduce the recipes with little stories—the stories just seem to add more flavor to the pot. 'Apple Betty & Sloppy Joe' is a cookbook after my own heart. From the first page to the last, the mouthwatering recipes and the rich family reminisces drew me in and kept me there, giving me a wonderful serving of the tastes and textures of growing up in Wisconsin. I can't wait to start cooking with this lovely book on a regular basis." —Patty Pinner, author of "Sweets: A Collection of Soul Food Desserts and Memories"

"Come over to the Sanvidge house for breakfast, lunch, dinner—and, of course, snacks! The four Sanvidge sisters will take you back to a cozy childhood of canned soup casseroles, relish trays, and Crisco. From their Mom's lime Jell-O and cottage cheese salad to their Dad's potato soup, 'Apple Betty and Sloppy Joe' is a charming paean to their Oshkosh family and the food we all grew up with." —Anne Dimoch, author of "Humble Pie"

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