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"Marty Russ, David Halberstam — a lot of us including myself — have written of Korea and its 'coldest' war. For an entire state to salute its own veterans of that war is astonishing. Well done, Wisconsin! The stories are superbly reported, meticulously and soberly. Wisconsin vets and their families and friends will be moved and should be proud."  —James Brady, Korean veteran and author of "Why Marines Fight" and "The Coldest War: A Memoir of Korea"

"The experiences of these veterans are important to remember as they provide insight into the lives of ordinary citizens during extraordinary times. ... This is a publication worthy of its subject." —Richard Zeitlin, Former Director, Wisconsin Veterans Museum

"This important collection moves beyond the high-ranking diplomatic personnel and prominent military strategists to bring the Korean War home in ways that are too often ignored. Here is the real 'Forgotten War,' told by those on the front lines who will never forget it. Mesmerizing, powerful reading." —Mitchell Lerner, Associate Professor of History, Ohio State University

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