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2008 Council for Wisconsin Writers, Inc.
Honorable Mention in the Ellis/Henderson Outdoor Writing Category

2008 Midwest Independent Publishers Association Midwest Book Awards
Finalist in the Recreation/Travel/Sports Category

Author Interviews
Listen to Bob Willging's interview with Ann-Elise Henzl on "WUWM News." This originally aired on November 24, 2011.

Listen to Joy Cardin interview author Bob Willging. Willging discusses the history of deer hunting before opening season 2009. This program originally aired on Wisconsin Public Radio's Ideas Network on Thursday, November 19, 2009.

Mike Dombeck, Former Chief, U.S. Forest Service; UW System Fellow and Professor of Global Conservation, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

"Robert Willging tells the fascinating story of the white-tailed deer: its natural history from prehistoric time to present-day management controversies. It is the most comprehensive and enjoyable treatise of the white-tailed deer that I've seen. Whether you are an avid hunter or enjoy seeing the graceful whitetail, reading 'On the Hunt' is a must. Once you start it you won't put it down."

Jeff Shinkten, President of Whitetails Unlimited
"My passion has always been white-tailed deer its past, present, and future. As much as I thought I knew about the animal, I learned a lot more after going through 'On the Hunt.' I would highly recommend it to anyone."

Tony Earl, former Governor of Wisconsin
"While I'm no threat to Wisconsin's deer population, I still enjoy the tradition of the annual gathering for the hunt. 'On the Hunt's' narrative is interesting in how it starts with early hunters and presettlement. I did not realize market hunting was such a big part of our history and was intrigued to read about how the deer population revived after logging. The book's coverage of deer management issues reminded me of my days with the DNR. I recommend Willging's book to my fellow whitetail hunters."

Jim Edvard, "Wisconsin Outdoor News"
"I would recomment the book to any hunter who appreciates deer hunting beyond simply killing a deer. Besides deer and hunter statistics over the years, the book deals with the subculture of deer hunting. It contains many sidebars and illustrations from old to new photographs, old sporting goods ads, historic hunting licenses, and old restaurant menus. This book should be on every thinking deer hunter's bookshelf."

This book feature by Jane Burns appeared in the newspaper "77 Square" on December 4, 2008

Nothing says Christmas like a book filled with pictures of dead deer. We here in Wisconsin know that a deer hanging from a tree is as much a part of the season as is tinsel hanging from a tree. That's why a book like "On the Hunt: The History of Deer Hunting in Wisconsin" ($26.95), would make a fine gift for the sportsman or sportswoman in the family. The book, out next week, is written by Rhinelander's Robert C. Willging, a wildlife biologist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and an ardent sportsman. "The Wisconsin deer hunt is like no other thing on earth," Willging writes, "a curious mix of ancient and modern technologies ...wet wool socks and space-age thermal underwear ... venison brats and cheese and beer and dem Packers ... buck fever and frozen toes." Willging fills his book with newspaper clippings and marvelous historical photos, lots of minutiae about deer herds and regulations, background about hunting throughout the ages and a look at deer economics and woman who hunt. It's just one of several Wisconsin-themed books that would look good wrapped up under the Christmas tree.
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