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2009 ForeWordReviews' Book of the Year Award
Finalist in the Juvenile Nonfiction Category

2009 Midwest Independent Publishers Association Midwest Book Awards
Winner in the Child/Young Adult Nonfiction Category

2009 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
Bronze Medalist in the Environmental Issues Category

2010 USA National Best Book Awards
Finalist in Children's Non-Fiction Category

Author Interviews
Click this link the hear Stephanie Lecci of Milwaukee Public Radio's "Lake Effect" interview author R. Bruce Allison. This program originally aired on Friday, July 24, 2009.

Click this link to hear Larry Meiller interview author R. Bruce Allison. This interview originally aired on Friday, April 24, 2009 at 11:00am on Wisconsin Public Radio's Ideas Network.

"Trees are living things, and some trees are far older than many humans could ever dream of being. 'If Trees Could Talk' tells the story of these elders of nature, in particular several that have made their own impact on the world and society. Trees that gain second chances, iconic city trees, trees that mark history, and more, all are discussed within. For any nature or arboreal lover, 'If Trees Could Talk' is a fine piece of nature reading for young adults and adults alike." James A. Cox, editor-in-chief, and Diane C. Donovan, editor, "The Midwest Book Review"

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