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Sarah A. Larsen is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, works in the History Unit of Wisconsin Public Television, and in 2008 coauthored "Wisconsin Korean War Stories" with Jennifer M. Miller. For this volume Larsen transformed the raw transcripts of veteran interviews into a comprehensive, book-length format. Sarah lives with her family in Madison.

Jennifer M. Miller has worked as a teacher and lecturer for the University of Wisconsin-Madison History Department from which she received her master's degree in 2005. An expert in U.S. foreign relations with East Asia during the Cold War, she is writing a Ph.D. dissertation on U.S.-Japanese relations during the 1950s, and has been published in Reviews in History. The recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, Jennifer is currently living in Tokyo for research.

They are also the authors of "Wisconsin Korean War Stories: Veterans Tell Their Stories from the Forgotten War."

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