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2011 Midwest Independent Publishers Association Midwest Book Awards
Winner in the Recreation/Sports Category

"History runs deep in northern Wisconsin, and Willging has carefully chosen a cross-section of stories that have tremendous appeal. Sad to say, the state's sporting past has long been neglected or taken for granted, but Willging brings together evocative stories from past generations, firmly connecting the reader to northern Wisconsin's rich sporting heritage." —Brad Larson, director, Oshkosh Public Museum

"Willging gives readers a personal glimpse of Wisconsin's outdoors heritage by putting us alongside our forebears as they slap mosquitoes, row for safe harbors, scramble onto solid ice, or risk their family's savings on resorts, bait shops, and other dreams. After mining historical records and his personal interviews for detailed insights and dormant secrets, Willging trusts his storytelling skills to bring bygone people and their times back to life without embellishment."—Patrick Durkin, columnist for the "Wisconsin State Journal" and "Wisconsin Outdoor News"

"In 'History Afield,' Willging revives some familiar tales and unearths a few surprises as well, in a vivid style that brings the past to life." —Dan Small, Host/Producer of Outdoor Wisconsin and Outdoors Radio

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