Creating Dairyland: How caring for cows saved our soil, created our landscape, brought prosperity to our state, and still shapes our way of life in Wisconsin - AUDIOBOOK

By Edward Janus

$34.95; ISBN: 978-0-87020-591-0; 4 hours and 55 min on 4 discs, CD format Audio Production by Chris Bocast for Divergent Arts Ltd.


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The story of dairying in Wisconsin is the story of how our very landscape and way of life were created. By making cows the center of our farm life and learning how to care for them, our ancestors launched a revolution that changed much more than the way farmers earned their living - it changed us.

In "Creating Dairyland," journalist, oral historian, and former dairyman Ed Janus opens the pages of the fascinating story of Wisconsin dairy farming. He explores the profound idea that led to the remarkable "big bang" of dairying here a century and a half ago. He helps us understand why there are cows in Wisconsin, how farmers became responsible stewards of our resources, and how cows have paid them back for their efforts. And he introduces us to dairy farmers and cheesemakers of today: men and women who want to tell us why they love what they do.

Ed Janus offers a sort of field guide to Dairyland, showing us how to "read" our landscape with fresh eyes, explaining what we see today by describing how and why it came to be. "Creating Dairyland" pays tribute to the many thousands of Wisconsin farmers who have found a way to stay on their land with their cows. Their remarkable effort of labor, intelligence, and faith is one of the great stories of Wisconsin - a story still being written.

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Ed Janus spent two years as a dairy farmer in Crawford County, Wisconsin, where he fell in love with cows, fields, barns, and farmers. An audio journalist, writer, and oral historian, he has created radio programs for public radio, the Voice of America, and publishers in the United States and Germany. In 2007, Ed created a series of audio profiles of today’s dairy farmers and cheesemakers for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. He lives in Madison.

"Edward Janus … has prepared an ode to the Wisconsin cow. He speaks of dairyland
as cows, barns, silos, and “the undulating green of grasses,” and provides a history of the people who “lived with mud, manure, and milk.” –ForeWord Review (June, 2011)

"[Janus] weaves the personal stories of several Wisconsin families into his cow- and cheese-laden tapestry". Milkweed

"With his unique background and story-telling ability, author Ed Janus does an exceptional job capturing Wisconsin’s rise to a major dairy state." Hoard’s Dairyman (Dec. 5, 2011)

Named ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year—Silver Regional Winner—2011