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Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles

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Headline: Searches for any word or phrase in an article's headline
County: Click the arrow to restrict your search to articles about a specific county
City or town name: Type any community's name, to restrict your search to articles about that place
Personal Name: Search for articles about an individual (first names must always be accompanied by a last name, too)
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Subheading: To narrow your search after you've chosen a main subject heading, click here to select a subheading (subheadings are not required).
General: "And" is assumed in all advanced searches. For example, entering the word "anniversary" in the headline box and "Stevens Point" in the City or Town Name box will retrieve all articles that meet both these criteria.
Results: The results of your search will be arranged in a table of citations. Each citation includes the full headline, date, and location of an article. 50 articles are cited on each screen, arranged with the oldest at the top of the table. Hot links at the top of each screen carry you through tables having more than 50 citations. If you get too few results, try a basic keyword search instead.
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