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Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles

an example of an article one might find in WLHBA

Welcome to Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles, where you'll find thousands of historical newspaper articles on Wisconsin people and communities. Please let us know what you think, and especially how it can be improved, by sending us your Feedback.

About this Collection

  • Content: Historical and biographical articles preserved in scrapbooks at the Wisconsin Historical Society in the late 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Scope: 16,000 articles on 50,000 pages. The entire collection is now available. The original material was organized into two groups (people and communities) and arranged alphabetically.
  • Dates: Most articles were published between 1860 and 1940, though a few published earlier or later than these years are also included.
  • Sources: Hundreds of Wisconsin local newspapers, and a few from other states. By presenting reproductions of articles here we make no claims about their accuracy.
  • Searching: You can perform a broad "basic search" or a more detailed "advanced search." See instructions on those pages to learn more about searching. It is not possible to search the complete text of articles.
  • Viewing: A table will display headlines, dates, and publication details for articles that match your search terms. Click on "view" to see a digitized version of the first page or the article. Use the "next" and "previous" links on each page to progress through the article. Use the Back to Search List link to return to your list of headlines. Note: Images view best on monitors set to 800x600 resolution. Also, articles may not display properly on older computers or in early versions of the most popular browsers.
  • Printing Images: Printing directly from your web browser will cut off part of the image.  You can print a full, legible page by following the instructions below.  Please note that some browsers and operating systems behave differently.
    1. Go to the page in WLHBA that you want to print.
    2. Right click on the image and select "Copy"
    3. Open your Word Processing program, start a new document, and select "Paste" to paste the image into the document.
    4. Resize the image to fill the page and print the document. This will print the entire page and will also improve the legibility a little.

    We continue to investigate the printing problem and hope to have a better solution in the near future.

  • Image Quality: Many articles in this collection were microfilmed at two different exposures to ensure readability. Some of these images require correction, primarily cropping, to improve their legibility. Instead of delaying the availability of this collection, we have decided to make the entire indexed portion available while we begin to reprocess those images. If an image is not readable on screen, let us know using the Feedback page and we will promptly reprocess that image.
  • Future Enhancements: Please let us know what other features you would like to see by clicking the Feedback link.
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