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Death of Governor Harvey  No YearDaneMadisonView
Proclamation  No YearDaneMadisonView
Death of Governor HarveyApril 1862DaneMadisonView
Death of Governor HarveyApril231862DaneDaneView
Death of Governor Harvey, in the congregational churchApril 1862DaneMadisonView
Efforts to recover the body of Governor HarveyApril 1862DaneMadisonView
Governor Harvey's messageApril 1862DaneMaple BluffView
Governor Harvey's veto of the loan billMarch081862DaneMadisonView
Governor Harvey's visit to our soldiersApril 1862DaneMadisonView
In memory of Governor Louis P. HarveyMay011862DaneMadisonView
Incidents in the early life of governor HarveyApril261862DaneMadisonView
Letter from Lt. Col. Hancock of the 14th regiment relative to the discovery of the remains of Gov. HarveyMarch091862DaneMadisonView
Meeting of the citizens of Wisconsin in Washington, in repect to the memory of Governor HarveyMay071862DaneMadisonView
News from the battle - letter from Governor HarveyApril191862Dane View
Obsequies of Gov. HarveyMay021862DaneMadisonView
Particulars relative to the death of Governor HarveyApril241862Dane View
Proclamation of Governor SalomanApril221862  View
Remarks of honorable L.P. Harvey, secretary of state...upon the death of judge Douglas  1862DaneMadisonView
The death of Gov. HarveyApril291862DaneMadisonView
The press on governor Harvey's messageApril 1862DaneMadisonView
Soldiers' hospital established at Madison - dispatch from secretary StantonSeptember271863DaneMadisonView
Wisconsin governorsJanuary031887DaneMadisonView
Our Normal schools.  1897RockJanesvilleView
Grace Episcopal ChurchJanuary231898DaneMadisonView
Our soldier deadMay301900DaneMadisonView
Old Landmark goesMarch311902DaneMadisonView
Harvey hospital and the soldiers' orphans' homeMay241908DaneMadisonView
Writer recalls many governorsJanuary111915DaneMadisonView
Wis. to honor 16,000 herosMay161916  View
Wisconsin soldiers' orphans' homeSeptember141919DaneMadisonView
Pioneer dwelling in Shopiere has historic and romantic interestJune111921RockShopiereView
State seethed with activity in April, 1861, war startingMay081921DaneMadisonView
Tells story of tragic death of Harvey during Civil WarMay221921DaneMadisonView
Many celebrated citizens are buried at Forest HillJuly021922DaneMadisonView
Chi Omega buys homeMarch051923DaneMadisonView
Harvey home is landmarkJanuary171926RockShopiereView
Memorial Day revives anecdotes of Farwell homeMay251926DaneMadisonView
Seventy years ago April231926JeffersonFort AtkinsonView
Site of historic orphans' home new Brearly Street residenceSeptember051926DaneMadisonView
Historic Beloit sites are listed in D.A.R. reviewApril221927RockBeloitView
Madison women who have made state historyMarch171927DaneMadisonView
Shopiere mill site historicApril021927RockJanesvilleView
Early figures to live againJune231934RockShopiereView
Historical play to be given at Shopiere Sept. 23September041934RockShopiereView
Second war governor drowned while visiting soldiers in 1862April191942DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (46 Records)
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