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Fires in northeastern Wisconsin  No YearDaneMadisonView
From the department of the gulf  No Year  View
Gens. Hovey and Washburne's expeditions into Mississippi--incidents, & c.  No Year  View
Narrow escape of Gen. Washburne  No Year  View
The disaster to Washburne's forces  No Year  View
The senatorship. Letter form ex-Governor Washburn.  No Year  View
The Wiscsonsin senatorship  No Year  View
[Company leaves Madison for Camp Washburn]  No YearMilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
The three prominent candidates for senator -- personal sketchesJanuary151861DaneMadisonView
A journal  1862  View
From the 11th Wisconsin  1862  View
Gen. Washburne's alleged cotton transaction  1862  View
Our army correspondenceOctober131862  View
Patriot war correspondence  1862  View
The war in ArkansasAugust251862  View
Patriot war correspondenceJanuary221863  View
Affairs in the "burnt district."April011872BrownGreen BayView
Madison's mineral water - its analysis and comparison with other curative watersNovember241873DaneMadisonView
The U.S. senatorshipJanuary061875  View
Vilas answeredNovember031880DaneMadisonView
Washburn's wealthJuly241882La Crosse View
Wisconsin governorsJanuary031887DaneMadisonView
Down at VicksburgDecember081895MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Faced death and livedDecember151895Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Grace Episcopal ChurchJanuary231898DaneMadisonView
Same thing was tried in 1873March161903  View
Early historyFebruary211905PepinDurandView
Our early historyMarch021907ClarkGreenwoodView
Scene of big battleMarch071907ClarkGreenwoodView
Washburn's name for hall of fameSeptember021909La CrosseLa CrosseView
Interesting reminiscences of civil war given by S. C. BurnhamAugust181912RockJanesvilleView
Early day newspapers of Wisconsin and the men who wielded the pen so forciblyApril171916SheboyganSheboyganView
Lasting memorial in naming longest street suggestedNovember041917La CrosseLa CrosseView
Two early governors of state led interesting, inspiring livesJanuary211917DaneMadisonView
Large audience attends Washburn centennial of loyalty legion chapterApril301918La CrosseLa CrosseView
What noted architect, grandson of late Gov. C.C. Washburn, thinks of Wisconsin's new capitolOctober191918DaneMadisonView
Governor Washburn on of La Crosse's most distinguished citizensNovember281920La CrosseLa CrosseView
Afternoons about townMay281922DaneMadisonView
Famed shot tower site may become state parkMarch191922DaneMadisonView
Leif Erickson was historical a character as Columbus says Prof. Olson at festival hereOctober221923DaneMadisonView
Four lake city was known far and wide in 1881December311924DaneMadisonView
Messmer comes Saturday to head school programJune041927DaneMadisonView
Original EdgewoodJune041927DaneMadisonView
State ranks of G.A.R. veterans growing thinnerMay061929WinnebagoOshkoshView
Edgewood graduation recalls Washburn giftJune131930DaneMadisonView
Edgewood Academy plans 50th birthday celebrationMay011931DaneMadisonView
In the old days: The old iron fence around the Capitol ParkMay121933DaneMadisonView
Seven who were 'carried upstairs'September201940MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView

Page 1 of 1 (48 Records)
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