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The old settlersNovember251904DodgeFox LakeView
Peerless sanatorium burnsJuly091909DodgeFox LakeView
Indian story of oldDecember051913DodgeFox LakeView
Interseting sketch of Fox Lake as it was in 1872; many changesOctober291915DodgeFox LakeView
Representative is 56 years oldOctober201921DodgeFox LakeView
Indian mounds plentiful hereJanuary191922DodgeFox LakeView
Old horse car rail way was discontinued in 1884March271923DodgeFox LakeView
Seventieth year of Fox Lake Church observedNovember221923DodgeFox LakeView
Will hold program to dedicate marker on indian moundsAugust301923DodgeFox LakeView
Founding of Schaumberg Hall at Lake Emily now fully explainedNovember071924DodgeFox LakeView
Memorial to Emma G. MullenDecember121924DodgeFox LakeView
Observe 75th anniversaryNovember261926DodgeFox LakeView
Fox Lake pioneer made trip from Ireland to america as mere childDecember231932DodgeFox LakeView
Mrs. M. M. Roberts is 96 years old todayJuly291933DodgeFox LakeView
Sixty - year - old version of letters written home by modern college girlApril081934DodgeFox LakeView

Page 1 of 1 (15 Records)
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