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Founder of Antigo to be honored Memorial Day  No YearLangladeAntigoView
City of antigoApril261907LangladeAntigoView
Old Indian trailMay031907LangladeAntigoView
Mrs. Edwin H. VanOstrandOctober131908LangladeAntigoView
E. P. bridgman tells of early historyJuly191911LangladeAntigoView
St. Ambrose Church has its silver jubileeJune081911LangladeAntigoView
Early recollections of antigo by e. p. bridgmanMarch121912LangladeAntigoView
Antigo's first house is saved. a monument to pioneer days.June081913LangladeAntigoView
Old landmark to be savedJune041913LangladeAntigoView
Some early historyJune131913LangladeAntigoView
History of the Unity Evangelical ChurchSeptember041915LangladeAntigoView
County historyNovember281917LangladeAntigoView
Rev.Conrad Saile ends twenty-fifth year in this cityAugust171918LangladeAntigoView
Authentic history of the city of antigoJuly011920LangladeAntigoView
Rev. Perry Miller's death recalls some our early historyDecember101920LangladeAntigoView
A romance of the north woods of wisconsinJuly211921LangladeAntigoView
Antigo on the map away back in 1885May061921LangladeAntigoView
Little Mosinee from 482 to 1500April221921LangladeAntigoView
Private Frank DelegliseJune181921LangladeAntigoView
State encampment gets down to regular businessJune071921LangladeAntigoView
Artistic buildings stand on scene of pioneers' laborsAugust311923LangladeAntigoView
Mrs. leslie gives account antigo's early historyDecember011923LangladeAntigoView
Old-timer recounts changes in Wisconsin's logging industryDecember211923LangladeAntigoView
Farmer-labor progressive league  1924LangladeAntigoView
Will mark grave revolutionary hero buried at KaukaunaJuly201926LangladeAntigoView
Photos record of lake shipsFebruary271927LangladeAntigoView
Antigo man helped to bury dead on custer battlefieldOctober271928LangladeAntigoView
Commitees are selected for the 50th anniversaryMay031928LangladeAntigoView
Founder of Antigo honored by dedication of monumentJune281928LangladeAntigoView
Antigo man saw first drive in Langlade CountyFebruary221929LangladeAntigoView
Antigo to celebrate 50th anniversary of its birth tommorowJune131929LangladeAntigoView
The golden anniversaryDecember191929LangladeAntigoView
World War pictures of Antigo's 107th T.M.B.July151929LangladeAntigoView
Descendant of Langlade is found living in AntigoMarch041930LangladeAntigoView
Early history of antigo is told in paper by j.c. lewisSeptember241930LangladeAntigoView
Old Indian treaty is found at WittenbergFebruary271930LangladeAntigoView
St. John's Church to observe 50th anniversary next weekNovember081930LangladeAntigoView
First surveys Landglade Co. date to 1851November171931LangladeAntigoView
John E. Nelligan visits old hauntsOctober301931LangladeAntigoView
Pioneer Antigo scenesDecember311931LangladeAntigoView
Antigo historian recalls early day uses for broad axJuly281932LangladeAntigoView
Langlade county lumberman in fortieth year of acitvityDecember031932LangladeAntigoView
Marker on Delegise cabin formally unveiled SundayMay021932LangladeAntigoView
Preparing Antigo's first houseAugust211932LangladeAntigoView
Reminiscences of Antigo's schools and early teachersFebruary191932LangladeAntigoView
Sieur Charles de LangladeDecember221932LangladeAntigoView
Chief White Eagle lies in an unmarked graveJuly031933LangladeAntigoView
Last log house built in antigoAugust031933LangladeAntigoView
Norwegian aristocrat took Chippewa maid as mateApril041933LangladeAntigoView
Once upon a timeAugust311933LangladeAntigoView
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Page 1 of 2 (71 Records)
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