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A prominent man gone  No YearOutagamieAppletonView
Brick dust pictures of wisconsin editors  No YearCalumetAppletonView
Famous spring, where red man's ills were cured and gala crowds made holiday, is now almost forgotten  No YearOutagamieAppletonView
Million dollars is spent for homes in city last year  No YearOutagamieAppletonView
Scrap of historyApril07No YearOutagamieAppletonView
History of the quarter-centennial of the First Congregational churchJanuary011876OutagamieAppletonView
History and tradition concerning particularly the lower Fox river valleyJanuary011879OutagamieAppletonView
The Farmer's Industrial AssociationFebruary271879OutagamieAppletonView
Some facts about some of Wisconsin's leading citiesFebruary241901CalumetAppletonView
Appleton man knew LincolnSeptember071902CalumetAppletonView
Earliest history of this regionNovember081902OutagamieAppletonView
New poems by Mrs. BaerOctober141902OutagamieAppletonView
Appleton's two veteran editor'sJuly171905OutagamieAppletonView
Appleton's uncommon councilJuly011905OutagamieAppletonView
Many pioneers died last yearFebruary231905OutagamieAppletonView
38 Pioneers die in yearFebruary221906OutagamieAppletonView
A delightful trip down the old historical Fox RiverMarch081906WinnebagoAppletonView
City's history began in 1848February221906OutagamieAppletonView
Clios hear state historyJanuary161906OutagamieAppletonView
Grignon's block houseJanuary201906OutagamieAppletonView
Interesting story of old landmarksMarch071906OutagamieAppletonView
Pioneers at annual meetFebruary221906OutagamieAppletonView
Went fishing with JacksonDecember011906OutagamieAppletonView
120 pioneers die in yearFebruary231907OutagamieAppletonView
18 Appleton mayors have departed lifeNovember091907OutagamieAppletonView
Appleton fifty years old todayApril131907OutagamieAppletonView
Appleton man now 100 years of ageNovember181907OutagamieAppletonView
Pioneers assemble in annual meetingFebruary231907OutagamieAppletonView
Early history of LawrenceDecember121908OutagamieAppletonView
First electric carJuly061908OutagamieAppletonView
Old landmark of city is torn downMarch121908OutagamieAppletonView
Valuable gift to the public library  1908OutagamieAppletonView
Zion Church's silver jubileeAugust221908OutagamieAppletonView
Bragg and the Iron BrigadeMarch061909OutagamieAppletonView
Early history of LawrenceOctober301909OutagamieAppletonView
Royalty he refused would have made him a multi-millionaireDecember241909CalumetAppletonView
Will celebrate Treaty of Cedar Point near AppletonFebruary271909OutagamieAppletonView
An Appleton contribution to the late Civil WarJanuary041910OutagamieAppletonView
Congregational Society sixty years old tommorowDecember171910OutagamieAppletonView
Earliest white settler hereNovember081910OutagamieAppletonView
Mrs. Lehman 100 years old todayJune211910OutagamieAppletonView
Old case recalled by pioneer's deathMarch171910OutagamieAppletonView
Reminscences of former principalMay141910OutagamieAppletonView
Indians and treaties, Fox Valley's historySeptember021911WinnebagoAppletonView
John Dey is re-electedFebruary221911OutagamieAppletonView
Judge Goodland 80 years oldAugust101911CalumetAppletonView
Old settlers meeting todayFebruary221911OutagamieAppletonView
Pioneer tells of early daysFebruary111911OutagamieAppletonView
Seventy-fifth anniversarySeptember021911WinnebagoAppletonView
Tells of Appleton when a wildernessJune161911OutagamieAppletonView
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Page 1 of 4 (169 Records)
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