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Augusta as it isJune171906Eau ClaireAugustaView
Augusta government and politicsJune071906Eau ClaireAugustaView
Church work of AugustaMay301906Eau ClaireAugustaView
Church work of AugustaJune031906Eau ClaireAugustaView
Early history of augustaJune231906Eau ClaireAugustaView
Industrial and commercial growth of AugustaMay251906Eau ClaireAugustaView
Industrial and commercial interests of the city of AugustaMay271906Eau ClaireAugustaView
Old settlers' reunionJune221906Eau ClaireAugustaView
The public schools of AugustaJune051906Eau ClaireAugustaView
Augusta in early daysMarch221907Eau ClaireAugustaView
First man born in WisconsinJuly051918Eau ClaireAugustaView
Golden wedding anniversaryFebruary011918Eau ClaireAugustaView
Talk about your real patriotism!January251918Eau ClaireAugustaView
The early days of AugustaNovember031925Eau ClaireAugustaView
Alvin mcknight of augusta in interesting recital of early days in this countyApril031927Eau ClaireAugustaView
Some pictorial reminiscences of the Chippewa Valley historical society picnic at AugustaJune091927Eau ClaireAugustaView
Early days recalledJanuary121928Eau ClaireAugustaView
Dells mill sixty-five years oldNovember211929Eau ClaireAugustaView

Page 1 of 1 (18 Records)
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