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Pioneer history: a sketch of the life and character of Abram Ackerman, as connected with the early history of the city of Beaver DamMarch211867DodgeBeaver DamView
Judge Rose deadMarch151887DodgeBeaver DamView
Pride of Beaver Dam: Erection of temple to be devoted to popular educationJuly171890DodgeBeaver DamView
Forty years of serviceMay081907DodgeBeaver DamView
Reminiscenses of eighty yearsApril231907DodgeBeaver DamView
Has lived in Dodge County since 1845November271910DodgeBeaver DamView
84 years old todayAugust211911DodgeBeaver DamView
Reminiscences of an old settlerSeptember121912DodgeBeaver DamView
Thrift of Dodge County pioneersJuly111912DodgeBeaver DamView
Two old timers; two useful menDecember131912DodgeBeaver DamView
Civil War times down in "Dixie"June051913DodgeBeaver DamView
Early day teaching in Beaver DamJune221914DodgeBeaver DamView
St. Stephans Lutheran church 40th anniversaryNovember261915DodgeBeaver DamView
Life history of mr. fairchildDecember221916DodgeBeaver DamView
Ninety years of lifeSeptember281916DodgeBeaver DamView
Rufus Dodge, benefactorNovember221917DodgeBeaver DamView
Golden wedding observed SundayJune241918DodgeBeaver DamView
Seventy-fifth anniversary First Presbyterian churchJune031918DodgeBeaver DamView
Married fifty years agoJanuary091919DodgeBeaver DamView
Local landmark being torn downNovember031920DodgeBeaver DamView
First tented show started business in Beaver DamMarch061921DodgeBeaver DamView
Indian relics numerous at Beaver DamJuly021922DodgeBeaver DamView
Organized 75 years agoMarch161922DodgeBeaver DamView
49er tells of journey through cityOctober171924DodgeBeaver DamView
A beaver dam man numbered among oldestJuly261924DodgeBeaver DamView
Connecting link with old times in the coloniesMarch261924DodgeBeaver DamView
Aged resident relates events of pioneer daysMarch101925DodgeBeaver DamView
Jacob p. brower first settler in dodge countyFebruary251925DodgeBeaver DamView
Beaver Dam family owns ancient clockFebruary141927DodgeBeaver DamView
Old bell is memorial to first Beaver Dam volunteer fire companyJune011927DodgeBeaver DamView
Pioneer water system unearthedJune161927DodgeBeaver DamView
Travelers still stop at pioneer tavernSeptember251927DodgeBeaver DamView
Fifty years' service will be celebrated by local guardsmenSeptember301930DodgeBeaver DamView
Wayland's 75th anniversaryMay241930DodgeBeaver DamView
Interesting details of early Beaver Dam presented in letterMarch261931DodgeBeaver DamView
Turning back pages of history of cityApril071931DodgeBeaver DamView
Turning back pages of local history to revive old memoriesJanuary221931DodgeBeaver DamView
Wisconsin firm builds snow stove for ByrdAugust011932DodgeBeaver DamView
Dodge County bar honor dean on 85th birthdayJanuary231933DodgeBeaver DamView
Woman, irish and 70 is elected mayorApril041934DodgeBeaver DamView
Fox lake man on ship when chief executive nearly lost his lifeJuly261935DodgeBeaver DamView
Gimlet eye blasts war makers. speaks fondly of Billy MitchellFebruary201936DodgeBeaver DamView
Early glimpses of Beaver DamMay271938DodgeBeaver DamView
Ready to start foreign wars post in cityFebruary271944DodgeBeaver DamView

Page 1 of 1 (44 Records)
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