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City of Darlington  No YearLafayetteDarlingtonView
Darlington history  No YearLafayetteDarlingtonView
Early day badgers in the midst  No YearLafayetteDarlingtonView
The second annual fair in '58  No YearLafayetteDarlingtonView
Town of Darlington  No YearLafayetteDarlingtonView
Death of Charles DunnApril121872LafayetteDarlingtonView
Old settler's meetingJune031874LafayetteDarlingtonView
Old settlersFebruary061874LafayetteDarlingtonView
Old settlers of Lafayette County, Wis.: Proceedings of first annual meeting at Darlington-Constitution and by-laws.June031874LafayetteDarlingtonView
General DodgeAugust191881LafayetteDarlingtonView
In MemoriamDecember141888LafayetteDarlingtonView
James B. Martin of this city claims the honor of being the youngest soldier...September231905LafayetteDarlingtonView
Historical societyJanuary011914LafayetteDarlingtonView
Response to the Darlington Baptist church situationJanuary011914LafayetteDarlingtonView
A rare old pictureJuly271916LafayetteDarlingtonView
Early history of Kingsley chapelDecember291921LafayetteDarlingtonView
Two early-day Wisconsin teachers recalledDecember011921LafayetteDarlingtonView
Conley tells of early history af DarlingtonJune151923LafayetteDarlingtonView
Old residents leave DarlingtonOctober171923LafayetteDarlingtonView
Courthouse is pioneers gift to the countyJune081924LafayetteDarlingtonView
Early days in Lafayette CountyApril171924LafayetteDarlingtonView
Ringling show had start in DarlingtonDecember131925LafayetteDarlingtonView
Rose home at DarlingtonJanuary031926LafayetteDarlingtonView
Darlington man recalls olden daysDecember291929LafayetteDarlingtonView
Darlington before the days of the automobileFebruary201930LafayetteDarlingtonView
2000 present at old settlers' annual picnic at DarlingtonJuly201931LafayetteDarlingtonView
Darlington exhibits quiltsMarch291931LafayetteDarlingtonView
Governors of 3 states asked to Blackhawk fete in 1932August231931LafayetteDarlingtonView
Old darlington landmark passes for gas stationFebruary241931LafayetteDarlingtonView
Plan centennial in June 1932 of Blackhawk BattleJune141931LafayetteDarlingtonView
Old history retold when settlers meetJuly181932LafayetteDarlingtonView
Three governors will help honor fighters of 1832March131932LafayetteDarlingtonView
Lafayette County Board begins 84th year in meeting Wednesday November131933LafayetteDarlingtonView
Memorial at Rose's grave is dedicatedMay261935LafayetteDarlingtonView
Shaft dedicated at Rose's graveMay201935LafayetteDarlingtonView

Page 1 of 1 (36 Records)
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