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Historical society meetDecember161904BrownDe PereView
Depere in 1850February171905BrownDe PereView
History of our school districtJune081906BrownDe PereView
1857-1907 De Pere's semi-centennialMarch151907BrownDe PereView
Semi-centennial addressesMarch151907BrownDe PereView
Early De Pere history given by Mrs. DunhamNovember191913BrownDe PereView
Exhibit very interestingOctober221915BrownDe PereView
Scenes from De Pere history at pageantJuly241915BrownDe PereView
Who is the oldest settler?April071915BrownDe PereView
Golden wedding of Mr.-Mrs. C. A. LawtonSeptember071916BrownDe PereView
Old settler's columnJuly271916BrownDe PereView
Proposed country club on historic siteApril271916BrownDe PereView
Dedication of Francis Boyle HallAugust171917BrownDe PereView
Reminiscences of old De Pere days related at socialJanuary181917BrownDe PereView
The lost dauphinSeptember211917BrownDe PereView
Celebrate golden weddingJune211918BrownDe PereView
Historical notesAugust091918BrownDe PereView
St. John's to celebrate its Golden JubileeFebruary281919BrownDe PereView
1870-1920 Golden Jubilee of St. Joseph's ChurchDecember231920BrownDe PereView
Seidenglanz and Rudebeck plead guiltyDecember171920BrownDe PereView
Pioneer locktenderJuly311921BrownDe PereView
Recalls old days in little white schoolFebruary171921BrownDe PereView
De Pere local geographySeptember021923BrownDe PereView
History of West De Pere school districtJuly201923BrownDe PereView
How our city secured its school, park and other sitesMarch291923BrownDe PereView
Indian day was well attended; Oneidas presentJuly021923BrownDe PereView
Is only survivor of Holland ColonyOctober281923BrownDe PereView
Land grants to Oneidas were gratuities of warFebruary151923BrownDe PereView
Observe Indian Day at De Pere Saturday, June 30June231923BrownDe PereView
Phenomenal growth made by St. Norbert's College; celebrates Jubilee SundayOctober181923BrownDe PereView
De Pere church is 75 years old todayDecember011924BrownDe PereView
De Pere's first mayorsMarch061924BrownDe PereView
Do you remember De Pere's wooden shoe period?December011924BrownDe PereView
Hunted end of rainbow by ox teamApril101924BrownDe PereView
Reminiscences of early municipal campaignsMarch271924BrownDe PereView
Navigation on Fox River in early daysJuly091925BrownDe PereView
OneidaJanuary081925BrownDe PereView
With the Wisconsin editorsMay241925BrownDe PereView
Wisconsin Indian tribesJanuary131926BrownDe PereView
Priest, guest at dinner on 80th birthdayApril171931BrownDe PereView

Page 1 of 1 (40 Records)
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