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Accepted the monument  No YearWaukeshaDelafieldView
Cushing boys great battlers  No YearWaukeshaDelafieldView
Delafield people active  No YearWaukeshaDelafieldView
Fix final plans for Cushing dayJune No YearWaukeshaDelafieldView
Honoring an American Naval Hero  No YearWaukeshaDelafieldView
Plain shaft for cushings monument  No YearWaukeshaDelafieldView
The cushing monument  No YearWaukeshaDelafieldView
Waukesha  No YearWaukeshaDelafieldView
Who owns the site  No YearWaukeshaDelafieldView
Birthplace of badger hero, now neglected, to be markedNovember301913WaukeshaDelafieldView
Memorial site to stateNovember021913WaukeshaDelafieldView
Of old time daysAugust071913WaukeshaDelafieldView
Accepted the monumentDecember031914WaukeshaDelafieldView
Cushings sword now in WaukeshaApril151915WaukeshaDelafieldView
Funds still needed to complete grounds around cushing shaftApril161915WaukeshaDelafieldView
Hero's decendants unveil memorial monumentJune011915WaukeshaDelafieldView
Honors Memory of former Wisconsin manJanuary291915WaukeshaDelafieldView
Modest donor gives $500 to improve Cushing monument groundsSeptember021915WaukeshaDelafieldView
The Cushings at DelafieldApril101915WaukeshaDelafieldView
The three Wisconsin CushingsApril171915WaukeshaDelafieldView
Unviel cushing monument at DelafieldMarch121915WaukeshaDelafieldView
War heros county bornApril171915WaukeshaDelafieldView
Want Government Hill changed Lapham PeakJune301916WaukeshaDelafieldView
A day in Delafield and AndersonvilleNovember041920WaukeshaDelafieldView
Cushing Memorial Park Log Cabin Dedication Takes Place, SaturdayOctober141927WaukeshaDelafieldView
Cushing Trio Are Eulogized at DedicationOctober161927WaukeshaDelafieldView
Dedicate cabin as Memorial to 3 brave menOctober141927WaukeshaDelafieldView
Dedicate Cabin in Cushing park near DelafieldOctober151927WaukeshaDelafieldView
Log Cabin at Cushing Park to be DedicatedOctober141927WaukeshaDelafieldView
State honors three Civil War veteransSeptember111927WaukeshaDelafieldView
To dedicate war memorial at DelafieldOctober071927WaukeshaDelafieldView
Delay Lincoln tablet planOctober201930WaukeshaDelafieldView
On, WisconsinSeptember231934WaukeshaDelafieldView
St. John's fete starts June 12June031935WaukeshaDelafieldView

Page 1 of 1 (34 Records)
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