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A remarkable careerApril091886WalworthDelavanView
School for the deafMarch021895WalworthDelavanView
James Aram's bequestJuly271897WalworthDelavanView
James Gates Percival: poet, geologist, musician and linguistJuly271897WalworthDelavanView
Two famous brothersOctober101901WalworthDelavanView
Early school historyMarch011906WalworthDelavanView
Many towns have an organized Historical Society.February151906WalworthDelavanView
Delavan in 1837January101908WalworthDelavanView
In pioneer daysJanuary161908WalworthDelavanView
A remarkable career endedJune011916WalworthDelavanView
Death of circus man recalls early daysJanuary091916WalworthDelavanView
Early travelers found Delavan most lonely and inhospitable placeJanuary221916WalworthDelavanView
Response to address of welcome by Hon. J.W. Swiler, former residentJune221916WalworthDelavanView
Their 75th anniversaryAugust031916WalworthDelavanView
Civil War veterans meet in Delevan for big reunionSeptember081921WalworthDelavanView
Delavan's fame as circus town fades into pastNovember131921WalworthDelavanView
August 16 will be rally day at delavan July181922WalworthDelavanView
Brave regiment thinned by timeAugust271922WalworthDelavanView
Buddies of Civil War meet first time since dischargeSeptember051922WalworthDelavanView
Civil War buddies united after 57 year separationSeptember101922WalworthDelavanView
Delavan and Elkhorn shake hands as the new pavement is dedicated Saturday, July 15July201922WalworthDelavanView
Delevan Baptist history outlinedOctober191922WalworthDelavanView
Delevan to be site of annual reunion of 22nd RegimentAugust301922WalworthDelavanView
Old Thirteenth Wisconsin has 53rd reunionAugust171922WalworthDelavanView
Prof. cochrane resigns positionJanuary051922WalworthDelavanView
Reunion of Civil War vets in Aug.July201922WalworthDelavanView
Delavan's early day schoolDecember131923WalworthDelavanView
Local Congregational church originates in rude log hutSeptember111924WalworthDelavanView
Citizens Bank celebrates fiftieth year of foundingMarch061925WalworthDelavanView
Delavan club plans to mark Indian campsMarch191925WalworthDelavanView
Delavan gave five names to Who's WhoJune141925WalworthDelavanView
Beloit beat Milwaukee ball club, 61-12, in '67October171926WalworthDelavanView
Delavan landmark, once used as hotel, remodeledOctober201927WalworthDelavanView
Mr. and Mrs. George Holland still train their horses in Wisconsin town where many noted show families once livedApril131930WalworthDelavanView
Church to have diamond jubileeApril241931WalworthDelavanView
Delavan Congregational ChurchNovember051931WalworthDelavanView
Delavan Baptists celebrates 95th date of foundingSeptember191934WalworthDelavanView

Page 1 of 1 (37 Records)
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