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Death of a Wisconsin pioneer  No YearIowaDodgevilleView
Pile for Congress  No YearIowaDodgevilleView
About DodgevilleMay041890IowaDodgevilleView
Early history of DodgevilleJune111897IowaDodgevilleView
Attended the Iowa County fair fifty years ago - eighty-six sat for above photograph on the occasion of the golden jubilee celebration, Sept. 5-8, 1905October141905IowaDodgevilleView
Historical: seventeen congressmen have represented this districtAugust231906IowaDodgevilleView
Lots of timeMarch151907IowaDodgevilleView
Orville strong relates storyAugust021912IowaDodgevilleView
Had first paper in DodgevilleJuly251916IowaDodgevilleView
Indian skill and traits of characterDecember211917IowaDodgevilleView
Old pioneers who blazed the way for othersApril201917IowaDodgevilleView
The wild fruits of the pineryJune151917IowaDodgevilleView
Golden wedding of Dodgeville old citizensAugust141918IowaDodgevilleView
Old stories told by an old settlerJuly241918IowaDodgevilleView
Pinery stories adventures of a woodsmanFebruary011918IowaDodgevilleView
Site of governor dodge's pioneer home in iowa county now a tanglewood, but the spring bubble on the same as ninety years agoAugust311919IowaDodgevilleView
2000 attend semi-centenial at Otter CreekJune291922IowaDodgevilleView
Dodge house site may get tablet markJuly161922IowaDodgevilleView
Dodgeville claims oldest courthouseJuly161922IowaDodgevilleView
Dodgeville Lawyer, 81, alert and activeMarch141925IowaDodgevilleView
Bernice Peterson and Jane Perkins are runners-up for title of "Miss 1927"June011927IowaDodgevilleView
Dedicate marker at DodgevilleJuly051927IowaDodgevilleView
Mining region 100 this yearJune261927IowaDodgevilleView
Plan historical society at DodgevilleJuly071927IowaDodgevilleView
The lead district passes centuryJuly031927IowaDodgevilleView
Otter Creek church celebrates 75th yearJune161929IowaDodgevilleView
75-year anniversary Dodgeville churchSeptember031930IowaDodgevilleView
Congregation to celebrate anniversaryApril201930IowaDodgevilleView
Wisconsin's own great stone faceAugust061933IowaDodgevilleView
Dodgeville weekly adds another superlative to its 'Greatest' claimJanuary191936IowaDodgevilleView

Page 1 of 1 (32 Records)
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