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An old settler  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Bringing in a load of coal to Manitowoc when the sailing vessel reigned supreme  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Capt. Carus unearths record of first excursion out of Manitowoc on steamer Gazelle in 1859  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Early days on the Great Lakes brought many thrilling rescues by life saving crews  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Eight in a row in the good old days of sailing vessels on the great lakes  No YearManitowocManitowocView
First Goodrich boat built in this city was in commission only two years when she went to bottom  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Gunboat Michigan, oldest iron ship in world, figured in putting down Mormon rule on Beaver Island in 1850  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Lions pushing project here with the CWA  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Manitowoc men served in many parts of globe  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Marine Man recalls loss of "Vernon" in 1887  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Oconto which started fire at Green Bay destroying 78 buildings  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Schooner "Wells Burt" one pride of lakes, foundered off Evanston in 1883  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Side wheeler Sheboygan in her happier days and as her hull found last resting place along beach  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Some of the highlights of company H  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Steamer "Lawrence" shows type of boats that plied into Manitowoc aboout 1870  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Steamer Tice built here in 1887 typical of lumber carriers on lakes in '80  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Story of Seabird in which 38 from here lost their lives is recounted by marine authority  No YearManitowocManitowocView
The Battle of Rappahannock Station....  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Worst marine tragedy in history of Manitowoc took toll of 200 lives when Phoenix burned   No YearManitowocManitowocView
Guila Bustabo plays before Queen MotherJune081837ManitowocManitowocView
Soldier's reunionAugust211866ManitowocManitowocView
Jefferson Davis in the 30'sNovember101895ManitowocManitowocView
The city of Manitowoc, a future commercial metropolis of eastern WisconsinJune091895ManitowocManitowocView
Manitowoc's first mayorMay191901ManitowocManitowocView
Manitowoc co-opertive store, formerly Mlada & Mueller, 'the right plave,' Manitowoc, Wisconsin.March251903ManitowocManitowocView
Well-known party workerAugust251904ManitowocManitowocView
Boys of old 21st gatherAugust031905ManitowocManitowocView
Nathan H. StrongFebruary031905ManitowocManitowocView
About those ancient invitationsNovember201906ManitowocManitowocView
Post nears its 25th birthdayJanuary051906ManitowocManitowocView
Early history of two countiesFebruary161907ManitowocManitowocView
Interesting relic of pioneer daysFebruary191907ManitowocManitowocView
Methodists to hold jubileeOctober231907ManitowocManitowocView
Tells of early dredgingApril061907ManitowocManitowocView
Want story from early vesselmenJanuary301907ManitowocManitowocView
Brought the first german carpSeptember161908ManitowocManitowocView
Laid out first road in city; son is hereJuly151908ManitowocManitowocView
Lectures on 'pioneer boy'February071908ManitowocManitowocView
Locate grave of Cheif MexicoJuly131908ManitowocManitowocView
Visit reveals much historySeptember191908ManitowocManitowocView
Was pioneer settler in countyJuly131908ManitowocManitowocView
Educational. History of Manitowoc CountySeptember091909ManitowocManitowocView
Educational. History of Manitowoc CountySeptember021909ManitowocManitowocView
Educational. History of Manitowoc CountySeptember231909ManitowocManitowocView
Educational. History of Manitowoc CountySeptember161909ManitowocManitowocView
Educational. History of Manitowoc CountyAugust261909ManitowocManitowocView
Educational. History of Manitowoc CountyAugust121909ManitowocManitowocView
Fiftieth anniversaryJuly081909ManitowocManitowocView
Fully 4,00 people at rapids celebrationAugust091909ManitowocManitowocView
Great menAugust091909ManitowocManitowocView
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Page 1 of 4 (166 Records)
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