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City holds first election in 1883  No YearMarathonMarshfieldView
Civic leaders pay tribute to Father Toeller on silver sacerdotal jubilee  No YearMarathonMarshfieldView
Many residents of city lived here half century  No YearMarathonMarshfieldView
Pioneer doctor's widow has lived here since 1882  No YearMarathonMarshfieldView
Mayor Rose on the rack, tooOctober291902WoodMarshfieldView
History of MarchfieldJune091905MarathonMarshfieldView
Picnic here next yearJune301905MarathonMarshfieldView
Hill of smokeAugust021906MarathonMarshfieldView
History of St. John'sApril051906MarathonMarshfieldView
Upham asked FurloughJune151906MarathonMarshfieldView
Early historyJanuary171907MarathonMarshfieldView
Father eisen's last message to his congregationJune071907WoodMarshfieldView
Thriving towns are monuments to pastJuly181910MarathonMarshfieldView
How Marshfield looked in 1881March101915MarathonMarshfieldView
Civil war heroes buried in cityMay231918MarathonMarshfieldView
Marshfield of the long agoNovember151919MarathonMarshfieldView
Peace jubilee 22 years agoNovember181920MarathonMarshfieldView
Notre Dame sisters at Marshfield forty yearsNovember211922MarathonMarshfieldView
Notre Dame sisters here forty yearsNovember201922MarathonMarshfieldView
Blaine sends condolence to gov. upham's widowJuly 1924MarathonMarshfieldView
Death of ex-Gov. UphamJuly 1924MarathonMarshfieldView
First council meeting held here in 1882April281924MarathonMarshfieldView
Funeral Saturday for ex-Gov. UphamJuly031924MarathonMarshfieldView
Governor UphamJuly051924MarathonMarshfieldView
Half masted flags revive memory of deceased GovernorJuly 1924MarathonMarshfieldView
How Marshfield lost county seat years agoFebruary211924MarathonMarshfieldView
Last rites for ex-Gov. Upham this afternoonJuly051924MarathonMarshfieldView
Marshfield owes much to the late Governor UphamJuly031924MarathonMarshfieldView
Reminiscences of Gov. UphamJuly171924MarathonMarshfieldView
Upham liked military titleJuly031924MarathonMarshfieldView
Upham, former Governor, diesJuly021924MarathonMarshfieldView
How last great indian chief was killed in '55February231925MarathonMarshfieldView
Old currency recalls early history of Marshdield bankMay221928MarathonMarshfieldView
Presbyterian church celebrates 50th anniversaryNovember291928MarathonMarshfieldView
Church in town of Wien founded sixty years agoJune051929WoodMarshfieldView
Historical collection is growingAugust011929MarathonMarshfieldView
Church has grown from 12 familiesDecember041930MarathonMarshfieldView
Even Cupid plied art in its shadowOctober301930MarathonMarshfieldView
Two Marshfield officials have lived in city over half centryOctober281930MarathonMarshfieldView
Church and city honor jubilarianJune121931MarathonMarshfieldView
City's second postmaster recounts reconllections of early MarshfieldDecember301931MarathonMarshfieldView
First Upham mill built her in '78September041931MarathonMarshfieldView
Pioneer tells of early life in Marshfield and its surroundingsJanuary191931MarathonMarshfieldView
Fred Beell, a mighty little man was he! defeated mat giantsAugust081933 MarshfieldView
Lloyd Kenyon Jones likens Beell to kingAugust071933 MarshfieldView
Marshfield incorporated as city 50 years agoApril071933MarathonMarshfieldView
Marshfield received city charter fifty years ago; first mayor was ArnoldApril081933MarathonMarshfieldView
Masons to observe their 50th anniversary MondayApril281933MarathonMarshfieldView
Marshfield 51 years old; city incorporated in '83April101934MarathonMarshfieldView
Former resident seeks evidence of birth hereJuly161935MarathonMarshfieldView
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Page 1 of 2 (52 Records)
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