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Pioneer Middleton pastor honored by Lutherans of 5 parishes at Berry Church  No YearDaneMiddletonView
Zona Gale tells of days long ago when her mother, too, knew well Flavia Camp, mother of Dorothy CanfieldJuly241919DaneMiddletonView
Middleton named for Vermont village, first known as peatvilleMarch141920DaneMiddletonView
Village of Middleton is on the map and growing rapidlyOctober161921DaneMiddletonView
Adventure seeking English, Germans wrote first of Middleton historyNovember181928DaneMiddletonView
St. Luke's church is beautifulAugust251929DaneMiddletonView
Middleton and Pheasant Branch history is tracedFebruary051939DaneMiddletonView

Page 1 of 1 (7 Records)
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