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U.S. senatorship  1874GreenMonroeView
Land mark at MonroeApril291900GreenMonroeView
Old settlers' picnicAugust301904GreenMonroeView
Hearty at age of 93 yearsJanuary161906GreenMonroeView
Old settlers hereAugust221906GreenMonroeView
Co. H camp-fire brilliant successApril021907GreenMonroeView
Lovers now fifty yearsOctober111907GreenMonroeView
Recall old memoriesApril011907GreenMonroeView
An old land mark is razed; had a historySeptember071908GreenMonroeView
Baird family in reunionOctober141909GreenMonroeView
Fifty great years Universalist JubileeNovember251911GreenMonroeView
History of foreign cheese industry in Green CountyOctober051915GreenMonroeView
Odd origin of Green County agric societySeptember051915GreenMonroeView
Janesville man dean of veteransFebruary101916GreenMonroeView
First Immanuel Evangelical church built here in 1860July231917GreenMonroeView
Pagent a pretty featureJune091917GreenMonroeView
History repeating itself in Monroe; there were traitors here during 61-5August241918GreenMonroeView
Wedding day of fifty years ago is celebratedAugust121918GreenMonroeView
Turner Hall history of early daysFebruary251919GreenMonroeView
60 years of church life to be markedOctober131921GreenMonroeView
A communicationMarch151921GreenMonroeView
Chimes bells as memorialSeptember121922GreenMonroeView
How the price of a hat made Monroe a county seatMay141922GreenMonroeView
Reunion at St. John's Church sunday rich in old memoriesSeptember111922GreenMonroeView
Sixtieth anniversary of St. John's Church celebratedSeptember041922GreenMonroeView
Subjects of king cheese will do his royal highness supreme honore at MonroeApril231922GreenMonroeView
Green County holds cheese festival October131923GreenMonroeView
Mrs. Louise Barber oldest resident born on SquareApril301924GreenMonroeView
Ex-Governor Scofield critically ill in OcontoJanuary301925GreenMonroeView
Janet Jennings and her cowNovember251926GreenMonroeView
Landmark goes to make way for gas stationNovember031927GreenMonroeView
Revolutionary vet honored at Monroe by D.A.R. chapterSeptember271928GreenMonroeView
Where 50-year residents are newcomers Universalist Church at Monroe celebrates seventieth anniversary of its organization by pioneers from New EnglandJuly291928GreenMonroeView
Crop disaster turned farmers to dairyingJune081930GreenMonroeView
Albert Schuetze, Monroe, recalls colorful lore of old United States houseNovember221931GreenMonroeView
Monroe bank was founded 75 years ago; celebratesMay011931GreenMonroeView
St. John's observe; 70th anniversaryOctober091932GreenMonroeView
Bridge he built as a boy is great engineer's memorialNovember041934GreenMonroeView
Nature's whim ruined a crop and started a five million dollar industryFebruary091936GreenMonroeView

Page 1 of 1 (39 Records)
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