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History of the Mt. Horeb Lutheran churchFebruary211907DaneMount HorebView
Norsk memorial on badger farmJuly021923DaneMount HorebView
Former resident of Perry writes some personal historyJanuary311924DaneMount HorebView
Mt. Horeb promotes community advancementMarch221924DaneMount HorebView
Officers and directors plan boys' meetingFebruary171924DaneMount HorebView
W. F. Pierstorff, pioneer, recalls civil war tragedyJuly061924DaneMount HorebView
Old landmark burned to ground saturdayApril031925DaneMount HorebView
Mt. Horeb store is 75 years oldOctober121927DaneMount HorebView
Citizens co-operate for welfare of community; is dairy centerOctober281928DaneMount HorebView
Reproduce Norwegian scene at Mt. Horeb Isak Dahle building Norse farm memorialJune281928DaneMount HorebView
Timan Knutson tells of carrying mail half century agoDecember131928DaneMount HorebView
Club inspects Norway farm at Mt. HorebJune101929DaneMount HorebView
McKinley at Mt. Horeb martyred president here 30 years ago November031929DaneMount HorebView
Dedicate Mt. Horeb memorial fridayMay251930DaneMount HorebView
Diamond jubilee of Mt. Horeb Lutheran churchJune041930DaneMount HorebView

Page 1 of 1 (15 Records)
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