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Recollections of '57April121906WaukeshaPewaukeeView
Golden weddingMarch221907WaukeshaPewaukeeView
Recollections of PewaukeeSeptember171909WaukeshaPewaukeeView
Pioneer's son tells of days long ago pastJuly081922WaukeshaPewaukeeView
Pewaukee church seventy years oldNovember291923WaukeshaPewaukeeView
Old landmarks in Pewaukee gradually becoming extinctNovember271926WaukeshaPewaukeeView
Another Pewaukee old landmark removedFebruary191927WaukeshaPewaukeeView
The oldest landmark in Pewaukee, now being wreckedOctober291927WaukeshaPewaukeeView
Gllimpses of an earlier PewaukeeJanuary311933WaukeshaPewaukeeView
Shaughnessy medal given to motherMarch291934WaukeshaPewaukeeView

Page 1 of 1 (10 Records)
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